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The Ultimate Platform of A.I. integrated Candidate Screening Tools, to transform 95% of your Hiring!

Built-in Skills
Testing Platform

Tracking System


The ultimate one-click Applicant Tracking System.

Daily Auto




Get reports to make sense of your hiring process

AI-Powered Resume Filtration.

Let AI do the heavy lifting of resume screening and say goodbye to manual work! Our advanced AI technology automates the categorization of resumes, ensuring that only the best-fit candidates proceed.

Pre-Recorded Video Interviews.

Elevate your hiring process with our awesome pre-recorded video interview tool. With customized questions, allowing candidates to respond at their convenience, showcasing their communication skills and professionalism.

Skills Testing and Verification.

Assess candidates' skills accurately with customized tests. Our AI-driven tool tailors assessments and coding assessments, to match the role's requirements. Instant results providing valuable insights, aiding in identifying the best-suited candidates.

Retention Rate Report.

Leverage data from past interviews to make informed decisions and refine your long-term hiring strategy.

Optimizing YourHiring

Finding the Right People is the single biggest problem in Business!

Ultra-high performance, intuitive flow, exclusive features, and Systematically improving your candidates' screening and experience.

Don't lose good candidates
that want to join your Team.

Due diligence is costing you,
your greatest commodity,


Hiring used to be slow and methodical but with our platform, hiring has become quicker, more efficient and reliable, creating a streamlined system.

Improved HR Activity

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Our platform helps reduce various recruitment costs, such as ad campaigns, hiring agencies, and other expenses by offering an all-in-one suite of tools, saving companies a considerable amount of money.

Platform Integrations

Get the most out of an Automated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Board by automating your email workflow using customizable email templates! 

Embed your calendar and let the candidates choose a time that's suitable for them, thus avoiding candidates not showing up for interviews!

Your company's entire Hiring Team will be logged into the platform; Making cross-communication and conversing about candidates all in the same platform!

Candidates apply to your jobs

Automated Candidate Screening

Hire best possible candidate

Simple pricing for everyone


  • Automated Applicant Tracking (ATS)
  • JD generated per job
  • LinkedIn integration


$ 1070 MONTHLY*
  • Advanced filtering
  • Retention calculator
  • All job reports and analytics
  • USD 100 per additional team member


$ 800 MONTHLY*
  • Pre-Recorded Video Interview
  • Skill Testing Platform
  • Candidate Database
  • USD 100 per additional team member

Nipuna Samarakoon - Deputy General Manager, Muve

“Muve successfully expanded in Sri Lanka, increasing headcount by 80% in 6 months with SIXER Tech's efficient hiring platform and excellent support for both HR and candidates."

Nipuna Samarakoon - Deputy General Manager, Muve

Isuri Mendis - Human Resources Lead, Stax Inc.

“As the inaugural client of SIXER Tech, we embraced an innovative idea and it paid off. They've become a vital part of our hiring process, streamlining candidate selection through their Automated Candidate Screening System, saving us time and ensuring efficiency."

Isuri Mendis - Human Resources Lead, Stax Inc.

Archana Raveendran - Talent Attraction & Global Branding, MAS Holdings

“SIXER Tech simplified the MAS Management Trainee Programme, streamlining initial virtual screenings and capturing trainee personality and confidence effectively. The unique feature of sharing videos for internal team ratings enhanced our experience."

Archana Raveendran - Talent Attraction & Global Branding, MAS Holdings

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