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From Burnout to Bliss: How Automation Saved My Sanity

Problem 02 – How to: Overcoming a Weak Flow of Candidates

Step right up, folks! Are your talent acquisition strategies trickling new candidates at a dangerously low current? Fear not! Let’s slice and dice this conundrum-sicle head-on. Before we dive deep, let me ask you this: How juicy can we make the job waterhole to attract not just A-Players, but the A+-Players? Let’s roll!

The Alluring Bait: Crafting Magnetic Job Descriptions

Picture this: You’re fishing in the vast sea of potential candidates, and your bait is, well, just not juicy enough. What to do? Get inspired by Dorie Clark’s “Stand Out” – your job description needs to, well, stand out!

Start off by jazzing up your generic job descriptions. Bland doesn’t cut it anymore. Inject some personality into it. Think of Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow”—you want your job ads to be the purple cows in a sea of black-and-white Holsteins. Use dynamic language, highlight quirky company quirks, and, for the love of LinkedIn, personalize them!

Turn To Unconventional Hunting Grounds

It’s time to leave the comfort zone of usual recruitment platforms.

Take a cue from Chris Guillebeau’s “$100 Startup” and leverage lesser-tapped resources without breaking the bank. Harness the power of niche online communities, professional groups on social media, and even quirky forums where your ideal candidates might hang out—be it Discord for techies or dedicated Facebook groups for digital marketers. Embrace the unconventional; sometimes, the best catches are hidden in places most recruiters wouldn’t think to look.

Leveraging the University Connection

Remember Indiana Jones? Always on some adventure seeking precious treasures nobody thought existed. Well, channel your inner Indiana and embark on a quest to universities. Partner up for career fairs, guest lectures, or internship programs. As Reid Hoffman discusses in “The Startup of You,” think of it as investing in long-term relationships that could well evolve into hiring goldmines. Keep an eye out for the bright, bushy-tailed ones showing proven leadership or unique project successes—in them, you might just find your future A-players.

Narrative Warfare: Storytelling Your Brand

Potential candidates are not just looking for jobs; they’re hunting for sagas—where can they be the hero? What dragons can they slay? According to Donald Miller’s “Building a StoryBrand,” humans are driven by stories. Craft career pages and job descriptions as chapters of a grand adventure your company is embarking on… and why the reader is the chosen one to embark on this journey. Interviews then become auditions for starring roles, and job offers become hero’s calls to action.

The Digital Magnet: SEO Your Way to Their Hearts

Hark! Can the whispers of Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” be ignored when doping your job ads with SEO steroids? Absolutely not! Keyword-optimize your job listings to punch their way through the digital noise straight into the notice boards of your ideal candidates. Use job-specific keywords, sprinkled with geo-locator tags (if location-bound), and terms that are uniquely attractive to the searched prospects. Google is your ally in this crusade—use it wisely.

Engagement That Feels Personal: Utilizing AI Bots Smartly

Think WALL-E—endearing, engaging, and personal. In a universe where Timothy Ferriss’ “4-Hour Work Week” automation dreams are landmark beacons, leverage AI chatbots on your career site to engage prospects in meaningful conversations. But caution! Personalize these bots to not sound like cold, distant bureaucrats. They should be warming up candidates to the idea of working with you even before a real human takes over.

Alumni Networks & Rehire Strategies: The Prodigal Sons Return

Leverage your company’s alumni network—a tactic straight from Reid Hoffman’s playbook in “The Alliance.” Send out feelers for potential rehires who have grown their wings but might be open to returning to the nest enhanced and more experienced. Like Veteran adventurers returning to familiar lands with new tricks, they could reinvigorate teams with minimal onboarding efforts.

Alright, comrades in arms, equipped with these maverick strategies, storm into the battlefield of talent acquisition with renewed gusto. Remember, the quest for attracting a strong candidate flow is not just about tapping resources; it’s about making the hunt itself an irresistibly engaging narrative, reminiscent of the epic tales dolled out by Malcolm Gladwell in “Tipping Point.” So, onward, to conquest and beyond, finding and binding the A+-Players destined to steer your epic forward.

And remember, the essence of battle lies not in the strength of the flow but in the artfulness with which it is drawn. Gear up, warriors of recruitment!


Don’t just fish in familiar ponds with bland bait; be the Indiana Jones of talent acquisition. Utilize storytelling, optimize for connectivity, sail uncharted waters (like niche professional tribes), and keep your rehire pathways green. Spice up that job description, make Google your best pal with SEO magic, and engage genuinely. Presto! Weak candidate flow, be gone!

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