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Problem 03 – Your Ability to pick out the right candidate from a group of similarly skilled candidates

Oh, happy day! You waved your magic wand (or, applied the ingenious strategies from our last rendezvous on conquering the barren land of candidate flow), and—POOF!—your talent pool is now brimming with skilled candidates. But here comes the twist in the tale: how to spot the *chosen one* among these uniformly sparkling gems? Ah, the plot thickens! Without further ado, let’s dive right into the bustling bazaar of selection wisdom in our latest escapade: Problem 03 – Your Ability to Pick Out the Right Candidate from a Sea of Similarly Skilled Champions.

The Prelude: A Refresher

Remember the Merlin-esque charms we unleashed in our daring quest against the nefarious curse of a weak candidate flow? Excellent! Now, with our recruitment nets full, it’s time to invoke the sorting hat’s wisdom. But fret not—I shall spare you from traversing the dense jungles of unfamiliar diction. Yay for easily pronounceable words!

Step I: The Enchanted Mirror Shows True Colors

Let’s call upon the wisdom of Patrick Lencioni’s “The Ideal Team Player.” As in the Enchanted Mirror, we seek virtue! Indeed, proficient they may already be, but are they Humble? Hungry? Smart with People? Ah, unveiling the core of one’s character reveals much about their aptitude for blending into the mystical collective endeavor known as *your company culture*.

Applying the Ideal Team Player framework reminds us that skills, while dazzling, are but one facet of the majestic gem we seek. Keep your eyes peeled, discerning recruiter-mages!

Step II: The Spell of Intrinsic Alignment

Here’s where the relic—Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”—glows profoundly. When candidates articulate not only **what** they can do but passionately delve into the **why** behind their deeds, eureka! That’s your beacon. Those aligned with your organization’s purpose and vision are the ones whose sparks will light up the darkest projects.

Step III: The Quest of Shared Journeys

Drawing inspiration from “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, consider this—each candidate’s professional pilgrimage is filled with tales of trials, triumphs, and treasures found. Truly engaging them in sharing these odysseys might just reveal who amongst them holds the map to future conquests eagerly awaited by your enterprise. Seek those who not only have pursued similar quests but whose eyes light up at the whisper of challenges akin to those lurking in your professional realms.

Step IV: The Elixir of Compatibility—The A-to-Z Fit

Remember the dilapidated bridge that previous riddles solved? From generating juicy candidate flow to now selecting the *primus inter pares*? This passage calls for the “strengths finder” magic of Tom Rath in “StrengthsFinder 2.0.” Employ its guiding lights to discern not merely the mightiest sorcerer but the most synergistic one. Seeking compatibility over raw power finely tunes the melody of collective achievement.

Step V: The Enchantment of Mutual Fulfillment

Turn to “Drive” by Daniel H. Pink for potions that enlighten thee on intrinsic motivation. Each candidate, a buzzing bee drawn to nectar, seeks gardens abounding in the flowers of ‘Autonomy,’ ‘Mastery,’ and ‘Purpose.’ Identifying mutual zones of flourishing where the growth of thy garden complements the aspirations of these adventurous souls ensures a bounty never seen before.

Proclamation for Integration: The Scroll of Decision

Bridging yonder problem of a churning tide of candidates to the sanctified choice of *the one* demands a script as old as time. Draw upon the aforementioned tomes to craft your own Scroll of Decision—a checklist, if you please—ensuring alignment with the heart, the skill, and the spirit adventures anew.

Embrace The Quest Of Selection: Thy Adventure Awaiteth

Transcend beyond the veil of mere competencies into realms where character, purpose, and mutual growth intertwine like star-crossed lovers—creating magic that propels both protagonist and plot towards legendary status. Seek not just a participant in your company’s narrative but a co-author of sagas yet to unfold.


Harness the magic of character virtues ala Lencioni, align your why’s with Simon Sinek’s insights, journey through candidates’ professional odysseys guided by Coelho’s wisdom, blend in Rath’s strengths for the ultimate potion, and foster blossoming growth with Pink’s ambrosia to master the art of picking the truly destined candidate.

Transform your talent acquisition epic from gusty gales to bountiful harvests—each choice an alchemical transmutation conjuring the golden era of your enterprise.

Actionable Step I: Implement the “Three Virtues” Interview

  1. Craft interview questions around Humble, Hungry, and Smart with People dimensions based on Patrick Lencioni’s criteria. Examples: Describe a time when you had to collaborate with someone you found challenging to work with. How did you handle it
  2. Use a scoring system for their responses, ensuring you assess them against these three virtues consistently.
  3. Debrief with your interview panel to discuss where candidates stack on these virtues relative to each other.

Actionable Step II: The “Why” Dive

  1. Prior to the interview, candidates provide a written piece on why they chose their profession and what they hope to achieve in their career path—drawing inspiration from Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”.
  2. During the interview, delve deeper into their responses. Prompt them to provide specific examples where their “why” guided them through challenging projects or decisions.
  3. Reflect on how well their motivations align with your organization’s mission and values.

Actionable Step III: Chronicle Exchange

  1. Design a segment of your interview process where candidates share a significant professional journey they undertook—akin to sharing a tale from “The Alchemist”.
  2. Encourage them to highlight learnings, setbacks, and triumphs.
  3. Evaluate their story for signs of resilience, growth mindset, and how closely their journey aligns with the direction and challenges your organization faces.

Actionable Step IV: The Harmony Scan

  1. Employ a strengths assessment tool, like “StrengthsFinder 2.0” as part of your selection process.
  2. Match their top strengths to the ones you know are needed for success in the role and within your team’s dynamic.
  3. Discuss how they have utilized their strongest assets in past roles and how they see them playing out in the position they’re applying for.

Actionable Step V: Discover Mutual Growth Potential

  1. Initialize discussions around ‘Autonomy,’ ‘Mastery,’ and ‘Purpose’ based on concepts from “Drive” by Daniel H. Pink during the interview.
  2. Ask candidates to envision their role in fostering an environment where these needs are met and how it would contribute to their own and the organization’s triumph.
  3. Through this discussion, identify growth opportunities within your organization that match the candidate’s intrinsic motivations and career aspirations.

Proclamation For Integration: Script Your Own Odyssey

  1. Create a comprehensive candidate evaluation form incorporating insights gathered from each step.
  2. Gather your selection committee to compare notes and impressions holistically.
  3. Prioritize candidates not solely based on their present skills but on their aligned potential for growth, cultural contribution, and journey alongside your organization.

Implementing these steps transforms the daunting task of selecting the right candidate from a sea of talent into an exhilarating expedition into the heart and soul of potential future champions.

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