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Problem 04 – The Great Escape: Preventing Your Unicorn Candidates from Galloping Away

In the grand tapestry of talent acquisition, we’ve spun tales of unraveling the mysteries of a weak candidate flow and selection conundrums like a sage weaving through age-old lore. Our next epic unfolds under the shadow of a deceptively perilous beast—losing those glittering, unicorn candidates, those A-Players who seemed as though they were fated to grace our teams.

The Plight Begins: A Recap

We’ve sifted through the sands, selecting the grains shaped most promising for the glassworks of our teams—a quest, as we learned in Problem 03, that demands finesse and an eye for the rare. Yet, the heartache intensifies when a champion slips through the cracks—the very one ready to wear your colors into the fray. Alas, halt those wayward steps, brave seeker of talents, for we chart out the course to dam the rivers of loss.

Step I: Woo with Wisdom – The Enlightened Offer

Imagine, if you will, bustling marketplaces of yore, where bards sang tales to draw the crowds close. In our saga, the offer letter serves not just as a mundane scroll of compensation and duties, but as a heart song sung to allure the A-Player, resonating with their deepest quests and values.

Action! Transform your offer into a personalized area. Speak to how their aspirations align with your crusade, the grand adventures and trials lying in wait, and the treasure troves of growth beckoning.

Step II: Speed is the Steed – The Swift Handshake

Remember, in yesteryears, knights pledged fealty with haste lest fate intervene. The modern hiring realm is no different. Our world spins at speeds foretold only in the scrolls of prophecy-making, the swift securing of allies essential.

Action! Once your mind is set on a candidate, let’s not time dally. Make the offer with valorous speed, ensuring they know their worth and desired place in your ranks. Let no dragon—be it bureaucracy or indecision—delay this rite.

Step III: Spell-binding Progression Pathways – The Vision Quest

Legends tell of adventurers swayed not by gold alone but by the grandeur of the quests ahead. Your unicorn candidates yearn for battles that promise growth and tales worth telling.

Action! Lay before them the map of their potential journey with your company. Detail how this path aligns with their professional conquering ambitions, the mentors they shall meet, and the dragons they shall slay.

Step IV: Culture Codex – Alliance Declaration

Ah, herein lies the secret balm—the essence of your realm that either binds their heart to your cause or sets them adrift. Trust and belonging are the silent oaths sworn at the joining of forces.

Action! Immerse them in your culture early. Host regale roundtables with soon-to-be allies (their future team), and regents (the leadership team), unveiling the values and visions uniting your legion. A communal meal, even in the great digital halls, can forge bonds stronger than any steel.

Step V: Recognize and Rally – Turn Recognition into Retention

A hero seen in their glory is a hero twice emboldened. Recognition weaves the ties of affinity and allegiance thinner than spider silk yet stronger than chains.

Action! From day one, celebrate their choosing of your banner—be it through announcement laurels across company channels or a welcome kit crafted with care. Paint the picture clearly: they are home, their deeds seen, their hearts joined to a cause greater than the sum of its parts.

The Book of Secrets Revealed

Our treasure chest reveals its final jewels, drawn from sages across the ages—books that guide beyond mere strategies but enkindle the spirit of true unity. From Daniel Coyle’s “The Culture Code” illustrating the sanctity of belonging, to Liz Wiseman’s “Multipliers” which champions the wisdom of empowering others, our quest is sustained by boundless knowledge.


The journey from discovery to alliance with any A-Player isn’t ensnared merely by the completion of quests (the hiring process) but in the art of keeping their hearts singing with Validation, compiled with overcoming adversities—an arts revering Kinship, foresight, and Growth. These are the key keepers to a kingdom thriving and vibrant with the chosen few.

Let not your unicorns stray, for the realms beyond are fraught with tempting sirens and illusory promise. Yours is the power to weave them into the fabric of your legend, crafting an epic so compelling, that the annals of history shall never forget.


  1. Enchant your job offers with personalized resonance.
  2. Swift actions seal destinies—enhance your offer speed.
  3. Chart clear, bold pathways for advancement to captivate visions.
  4. Weave the essence of kinship and camaraderie through cultural immersion.
  5. Illuminate their arrival as an epoch of celebration and heraldry.

So press on, gallant recruiter knights, with banners high and spirits aflame, for the quest ends not at hiring’s close. Let the lore of retention guide your next chapters, and may your halls ever echo with the questing songs of A-Players bound in joy to your cause.

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