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How HR can support workers after layoffs

The HR community plays a critical role in supporting employees who are impacted by layoffs. Layoffs can be a difficult and stressful time for both the employees who are affected and the company as a whole. However, with the right support and resources, HR professionals can help ease the transition for affected employees and ensure that they are able to find new employment opportunities as quickly as possible. Here are some of the important ways in which you can best support your workers after letting them go:

Accurate and timely information about the layoff process.

This includes communicating the reasons for the layoffs, the timeline for the process, and any severance or benefits packages that will be provided to affected employees. Additionally, HR professionals should be available to answer any questions or concerns that employees may have during this time.

Providing them with resources to help them find new employment.

This includes access to job search websites, career counseling services, and networking opportunities. HR professionals can also help employees to update their resumes, prepare for job interviews, and negotiate job offers.

Support for employees’ emotional well-being.

Layoffs can be a traumatic experience and it’s important that employees have access to counseling services, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), or other resources to help them cope with the emotional impact of losing their job. It’s also important for HR professionals to consider the employees who remain in the company after the layoffs. These employees may also be impacted by the loss of their colleagues and may also need support and resources to help them adjust to the changes in the workplace.

Recommend employees with alternative career options

Laws of layoffs are quite funny when one industry drops another gain. Recommend your layoffs by providing a recommendation on LinkedIn or being a reference contact on their resume. At SIXER we identify such candidates and mention them as priority talent that can be hatred within a shorter period of time (Book a demo with us to know more). Layoffs are never easy. But it’s important to make the process as supportive and straightforward as possible. By demonstrating fairness, compassion, and professionalism, you’ll keep your team’s trust and maintain a positive working atmosphere.

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