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What Recruiters Get Wrong About What Candidates Want

Recruiters play a crucial role in the hiring process, but they often get it wrong when it comes to understanding what candidates want. Surprisingly, recruiters might be undervaluing factors as essential as employee happiness, while overemphasizing certain perks and benefits. Addressing these gaps can help recruiters attract and retain top talent. One of the biggest problems recruiters face is the noise in the market, making it difficult to attract qualified candidates.   

Companies that attract many qualified candidates may find it challenging to identify the best applicants for open positions.

However, attracting qualified candidates is only the first step. Recruiters need to understand what candidates want and need to make informed decisions. With SIXER Video we allow companies to identify such candidates early on in the process with recorded video interviews (book a demo to know more) and you can refer to case studies on how we add value.   

Recruiters often focus on salary and benefits, assuming that these are the most important factors for candidates.

However, studies show that employee happiness and job satisfaction are equally important. Candidates want to work for companies that value their employees and provide a positive work environment. They want to feel appreciated and supported in their roles.  

Another common mistake recruiters make is assuming that all candidates are the same.

They often use a one-size-fits-all approach to recruiting, which can be a turnoff for many candidates. Women, in particular, are less likely to apply if they don’t feel like they are a perfect match for the job.  Recruiters need to tailor their approach to each candidate, taking into account their unique skills, experiences, and preferences.   In conclusion, recruiters need to focus on more than just salary and benefits when recruiting top talent. They need to understand what candidates want and need to make informed decisions.  By addressing these gaps, recruiters can attract and retain top talent, creating a positive work environment that benefits both employees and employers.

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